Tips to edit asciidoc in neovim or Vim like a boss !

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Après avoir passé une année et plus à éditer en asciidoc, j’ai pensé partager quelques suggestions et astuces que j’ai trouvé pratique. There do exist dozens of parameters, settings, and options in neovim/Vim which will determine the presentation of the text within vim itself. At times the presentation can improve or enhance the reading experience. On the other hand, remeber the <raison d’être > for asciidoc, est that a document toolchain will take care of the presentation of the final product.

Nvim plugins

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Table 1. Nvim plugins Startup Plugin Version Usage Notes opt Asif (heads/master) opt coc.nvim (v0.0.79-131-gc9041340) opt goyo.vim (1.6.0-37-ga865dec) opt nord-vim (v0.7.0-94-gea7ff9c) Look Nice theme opt translate.vim (v0.0.3-5-gda98838) Writing not using currently

Simplified Vim plugin management (ditch the manager!)

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Simplify your Vim plug-ins with Vim and nvim integrated plug-in managers! Recent version of Vim and Nvim include a plug-in manager, but it seems that not everyone has yet caught yet. Well here are my reasons to abandon Pathogen, Vimplug, and even minpac (which is based on the new integrated plugin managers and uses the appropriate runtime path)

Easy French Punctuation on Linux with Nvim/Vim

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The grasshoppers invade Egypt and the commas invade punctuation. — Victor Hugo La légende des siècles If you like me type a lot in both English and French, how do you deal with the spaces before question marks, exclamation marks colons, semi-colons, as well as quote marks. In French these spaces are mandatory although misunderstood for some English speakers as a mistake! With my preferred editor Nvim on Linux this is easy.