Ivory Coast Keyboard no gymnastics

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I am very pleased to present the 'Ivorian Keyboard' on public repos pour rpm and deb based linux distributions. (Others like Arch, Alpine, Gentoo may follow). This keyboard allows 'easy' typing (without doing finger gymnastics) of Ivorian languages. Many multilingual keyboards require key combinations that interrupt the 'flow' of typing. This keyboard for the most common characters allows the hands to remain positioned normally on the keyboard. In addition capital and small case have the same 'movements' facilitating muscle memory.

Nvim plugins

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Table 1. Nvim plugins Startup Plugin Version Usage Notes opt Asif (heads/master) opt coc.nvim (v0.0.79-131-gc9041340) opt goyo.vim (1.6.0-37-ga865dec) opt nord-vim (v0.7.0-94-gea7ff9c) Look Nice theme opt translate.vim (v0.0.3-5-gda98838) Writing not using currently

Font Test

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Regular Cɛ dɔ tun bɛ dugu dɔ la, o cɛ tɔgɔ tun kiyanin kojugu. A tolo don na masacɛ dɔ ya nafolotigiya la. A ka a fɔ a muso ɲana ko a ye a torolasanu d’a ma. Bold A facɛ fana sa la ka so kelen to a bolo. A ka fɔ a a muso ɲana ko a bɛ taga masacɛ fɛ ka taga a ya masaya bɔsi a la.

Asciidoctor Demo

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Dan Allen <> emoji :plus: :spade: html + This is a demonstration of {library}. And this is the preamble of this document. Purpose This document exercises many of the features of AsciiDoc to test the {library} implementation. If you want the output to look familiar, copy (or link) the AsciiDoc stylesheet, asciidoc.css, to the output directory.

Type like a boss in Jula or Baoulé in Android!

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« I ni sɔgɔma! Koow be di? Bara ka ɲi wa? » Can you type that on your phone keyboard? Of course! A ka nɔgɔ! The Google Gboard keyboard is available in more than 500 languages! While we are still waiting for it thought in Senoufo, Guere and Yacouba , at this time its available in Baouké and Jula. Since these keyboards are system utilities, they are available in all applications.