“Silverblue Tip - Run commands anywhere”

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Do you find yourself regularly running utilities on your host system as well as in your toolbox? Just put this in your ~/.bashrc: for bin in fzf nvim code ranger anki meld poedit; do type -P $bin >/dev/null 2>&1 || alias $bin="toolbox run $bin" (1) done 1 add [ -c toolbox-name ] to run in a non default toolbox

Simplified Vim plugin management (ditch the manager!)

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Simplify your Vim plug-ins with Vim and nvim integrated plug-in managers! Recent version of Vim and Nvim include a plug-in manager, but it seems that not everyone has yet caught yet. Well here are my reasons to abandon Pathogen, Vimplug, and even minpac (which is based on the new integrated plugin managers and uses the appropriate runtime path)

Easy French Punctuation on Linux with Nvim/Vim

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The grasshoppers invade Egypt and the commas invade punctuation. — Victor Hugo La légende des siècles If you like me type a lot in both English and French, how do you deal with the spaces before question marks, exclamation marks colons, semi-colons, as well as quote marks. In French these spaces are mandatory although misunderstood for some English speakers as a mistake! With my preferred editor Nvim on Linux this is easy.