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Appropriate fonts for Bambara, Jula (and other manding languages)
Boyd Kelly
Noto Sans ka ɲi ani Nunito ma ɲi dɛ! The internet is internaltional, but not the case of all fonts.footnote [With the advent of digital typography, "font" is frequently synonymous with "typeface". Each style is in a separate "font file"—for instance, the typeface "Bulmer" may include the fonts "Bulmer roman", "Bulmer", "Bulmer bold" and "Bulmer extended"—but the term "font" might be applied either to one of these alone or to the whole typeface.
Easy French Punctuation on Linux with Nvim/Vim
Boyd Kelly
The grasshoppers invade Egypt and the commas invade punctuation. — Victor Hugo La légende des siècles If you like me type a lot in both English and French, how do you deal with the spaces before question marks, exclamation marks colons, semi-colons, as well as quote marks. In French these spaces are mandatory although obnoxious for some English speakers. With my preferred editor Nvim on Linux this is easy.
Mɔgɔ be yen mɔgɔ kɛ mɔgɔ ye
Boyd Kelly

Mɔgɔ be yen mɔgɔ kɛ mɔgɔ ye.

C’est l’homme qui fait l’homme.

Comme le fer aiguise le fer, ainsi un homme aide son ami à progresser -Prov 27:17 TMN

As iron Sharpens iron, So one man sharpens his friend. -Prov 27:17 NWT

Jula vocabulary for Anki
Boyd Kelly
Its been a while since I have updated my Jula.apkg file for public download. I do realize that flash cards to learn Jula are not the hottest thing right now, but it is a bit of a shame that the link:https�:// people[] will delete so-called less popular downloads. Anyways for this reason, I will share my files on Google Drive and send notifications on Social Media from time to time.
Yet Still Again ?
Boyd Kelly
Quelle est la différence entre ces trois termes ? Souvent le français est plus précis que l’anglais…​ surtout en matière de verbes. Par contre l’anglais peut aussi être plus précis que le français. Voici un exemple: Consider an example: Yet Encore Again Encore Still Encore and also: Even: Encore Non seulement 4 mots en anglais, mais 4 significations différentes avec la même traduction en français.