Ivory Coast Keyboard no gymnastics

calendar_today  November 6, 2020  hourglass_top 4  functions 737 words  account_circle Boyd Kelly folder Technology label language, tech, africa

I am very pleased to present the 'Ivorian Keyboard' on public repos pour rpm and deb based linux distributions. (Others like Arch, Alpine, Gentoo may follow). This keyboard allows 'easy' typing (without doing finger gymnastics) of Ivorian languages. Many multilingual keyboards require key combinations that interrupt the 'flow' of typing. This keyboard for the most common characters allows the hands to remain positioned normally on the keyboard. In addition capital and small case have the same 'movements' facilitating muscle memory.


calendar_today  May 22, 2018  hourglass_top 1  functions 44 words  account_circle Boyd Kelly folder Technology label africa, android

A new application on Google Play to manage wifi usage This is a new application from Google, Datally, that helps follow and control the applicaitons that chew up bandwith. Free and with no advertising. A real necessity for 3g/4g connections. Datally sur Google Play