The lyrics need some phonetic love…​

'Official lyrics'…​

An bena lalaga yan

Djon bênan Lolo léyé Ikanita nanfigui nouman Alé mannan mannan kouman léfè Andjiguié Alla’h léyé Nika Démissin nia mangorossou bonan

An expert linguist providing online courses, in depth research as well an awesome Youtube channel for learning basic Jula and Bambara. Great for Jula learniers in Ivory Coast. (Just substitute 'ka' for ye, and 'le' or 'lo' for 'don'…​ and a few others but after all this is mandenkan!)

Web site:Ankataa

Youtube channel:Na baro kɛ

The internet is international, but not all fonts can display characters from Afrian languages. Here is a page where you can check out how a font looks and if it will display the necessary characters used in Manding languages.

If your are an African web developer go to Google Fonts ` to check if your favorite web font contains the appropriate unicode characters to display your language.

These sites contain articles, videos and audio tracks in Burkina Faso Jula, that you can compare to the same in Bambara or English. in Bambara in French in jula

This web site is produced by a true linuguistic expert, and native speaker, who also offers personal tutoring in Abidjan and distance learning. He has an excellent command of grammar, and knows the challenges of a learner faced with the Mandenkan thought schema.

Web site: Mandenkan


Listen to International, African, French and regional (West Africa) news in Mandenkan, as well as sports, and a regional press review. Based in Bambako, but broadcast to Mandenkan listers across West Africa. Updated daily. 10 min news cast is followed by 20 min of interviews and discussion from Monday to Friday and 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

Web site: rfi

Compare the text of the Bible in Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso Jula with the French Louis Ségon version.

Bible en Dioula de Côte d’Ivoire

Bible en Dioula de Burkina Faso

Great resource for picking up the local accent, improving oral comprehension, and augmenting vocabulary. FM 103 broadcasting in the Jula language at the following times: Day Time Host Program Tuesday 9h-10h30 Social issues Wednesday 9h-10h30 Social issues Sunday 9h-10h30 Social issues Facebook