Jula vocabulary for Anki flash cards

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Its been a while since I have updated my Jula.apkg file for public download. I do realize that flash cards to learn Jula are not the hottest thing right now, but it is a bit of a shame that the link:https://apps.ankiweb.net people[ankiweb.net] will delete so-called less popular downloads. Anyways for this reason, I will share my files on Google Drive and send notifications on Social Media from time to time.


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A new application on Google Play to manage wifi usage This is a new application from Google, Datally, that helps follow and control the applicaitons that chew up bandwith. Free and with no advertising. A real necessity for 3g/4g connections. Datally sur Google Play

Yet Still Again ?

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Quelle est la différence entre ces trois termes ? French has a reputation of being more precise than English. And it often is especially when it comes to verbs. However sometimes English can be more precise than French. Here is an exam;le Yet Encore Still Encore Again Encore Even Encore (souvent traduit par 'même', mais parfois 'encore')

Just do it !

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Le slogan publicitaire de Nike n’est pas façile à traduire en français. Que veut dire cette expression? Le mot 'just' est un faux ami. Quant il est utilisé comme adjectif, il peut souvent se traduire par 'juste' en voulant dire équitable. A just decision Une décision juste Ou bien c’est souven traduit par 'seulement'. Just a little Juste un peu

Asciidoctor Syntax Quick Reference

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AsciiDoc is a lightweight markup language for authoring notes, articles, documentation, books, web pages, slide decks and man pages in plain text. This guide is a quick reference for the common AsciiDoc document and text formatting markup. These examples focus on the output generated by the HTML backend. AsciiDoc produces complementary output when generating PDF, EPUB, and DocBook. Paragraphs Normal Paragraphs don't require any special markup in AsciiDoc.